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About MacWaste Management Services

MacWaste Management Services are based in Killorglin, Co. Kerry and offer customised Waste Management solutions designed to fit your business. The management team of MacWaste Management Services have over 30 years experience of working in the waste disposal industry in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. During that period, the company has gained invaluable experience in this evolving industry and has seen a wide range of different approaches in dealing with Commercial and Industrial Waste and Recyclables. Using this knowledge MacWaste Management Services have helped numerous companies implement and sustain more cost effective waste management solutions.

So why choose MacWaste Management Services?

Because we are highly experienced in our field and can reduce your waste disposal costs as well as help generate revenue from your recyclable waste materials.

In producing a product, invariably there is a by-product Waste. Waste can be broken into two major categories Recyclables and Commercial & Industrial Waste. Managing this waste can lead to ongoing substantial financial costs and inevitably utilises a large percentage of management time. MacWaste Management Services can help by reducing your waste management costs and by taking over the waste management at your site or plant.

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