Mac Waste Management Services

MacWaste Management Services


Waste management is often regarded as the fourth utility. It delivers essential services to help maintain our high quality of life in Ireland.

Macwaste works to maximise resource efficiency by:

  • making best use of resources by encouraging waste prevention and re-use
  • providing a range of state of the art recycling and recovery services, where economic and environmental benefit can be demonstrated

We safely and efficiently dispose of the residual wastes produced by businesses so as to protect health and the environment, recovering energy and continuing to encourage resource efficiency.

MacWaste Management Services are committed to carrying out its activities to the highest environmental standards. We understand the importance of adopting best environmental practices into your business and supply full and detailed reports to meet the requirements of Government Agencies and Local Authorities.


MacWaste Management Services tend to use landfills as a last resort. Our experience enables us to analyse current waste management policies and procedures to help identify possible areas of improvement and cost reduction. Our comprehensive range of services enables us to optimise each area of the waste management process from waste collection and treatment through to recycling and disposal.

MacWaste Management Services The Total Waste Management Solution Providers



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